Pippa Hudson Book Review - CapeTalk

The interview was followed by several orders for the book - The Arniston 1815 - 2015, A Village Remembers. Thanks so much to you and your team for the coverage. You present a great and interesting program – love listening. Kind regards

Tessa Gilbey

Small Business Awards Nominee - The Fruit Cube

Hi Tessa

It was so good to see you on Tuesday – what a great event! And once again thank you for the nomination. We were really thrilled to be a part of it. Herewith a little feedback:

Every new client has to mention in our sign up form how they heard about us and so we can see that our orders have increased by over 20% in a space of a week as a direct result of the interview on air with Kieno.

We have also seen a significant increase in the number of potential customers calling us to find out more about our service.

The traffic to our website and social media platforms has also increased significantly.

The time on air was a valuable opportunity to reach our exact target audience and the tweeting done by Sage One and CapeTalk also increased our exposure.

Thank you once again, and please pass our thanks on to Kieno as well.

Lesley Scott - The Fruit Cube

Standard Bank

In previous years we used to organize our own Franchise breakfasts and invite our Standard Bank clients. Since partnering with 702 we have extended our positioning and reach by also attracting potential clients to engage with us.

Elise Blundell – Head Business Banking Marketing Standard Bank

CapeTalk Fabulous Finds

Pippa, I just want you to know that Luke from the cheese shop, The Culture Club had LOADS of people popping into the shop after the interview telling him they heard him.

Isn’t this great.

He was super impressed with the reaction.

Next Perfect Hideaways received a huge volume of emails requesting details on a range of their properties.

It would appear that the coverage drove people to their website.

The best was a couple who have two dogs and they want to visit all their properties who will allow take dogs.

Don’t you love it.

You have very discerning listeners.

Clare Mack, Spill Brand Communications

Spur Birthday Song

“..thank you KFM for an awesome station, which entertains me every morning…a further big thank you to Spur for the generous prizes I won on the Spur birthday song competition.

I am at a loss for words as too how I appreciate and feel about my special birthday song…..and this must be one of the nicest days that has happened too (sic) me.

Vhaughn – KFM listener

Virgin Atlantic Airways Ltd

Contrary to what people may think, Virgin Atlantic has a small marketing budget and need to spend money where we get the greatest results from our investment. Primedia gives us a platform to reach our target market for both leisure (94.7/KFM) and corporate (702/Cape Talk) in the markets that we operate, Johannesburg and Cape Town. When we run tactical radio campaigns with Primedia we can see an immediate upliftment in sales.

Whilst we work through our agency OMD, over the years we have built a strong relationship with each of the stations that allows for creative ideas and concepts to be considered. I believe that both parties are open to working on some exciting and inspiring projects that benefit Virgin Atlantic as a brand, but is also interesting to the Primedia listener. Over the years we have done several live broadcasts, Sexy Singles parties, prizes to iTunes/EMA’s/5Seconds of Summer etc, this year will see an OB in NYC and a big project over Rugby World Cup in London.

We believe that we get good value for money, Primedia is without a doubt our strongest media partnership and we thoroughly enjoy working with them!

Liezl Gericke - Virgin Atlantic Airways Ltd

BMW - #1Moment

I’d like to take the opportunity to thank you and all Primedia staff for the concerted effort that you put into the #1Moment campaign.

In both cities, your staff went all out, and beyond the scope of the campaign to make it the success that it was. The effort put into the draw at 947/KFm, eats, drinks etc. is duly noted and much appreciated.

Please personally thank Tanya, Gail, Anele, Alex, Ryan and all others involved that I haven’t mentioned by name for their incredible effort.

It is wonderful to work with a media partner that conducts themselvesso professionally and enthusiastically. Hoping to work with Primedia on another exciting project in the future.

Tracey Cownley, Brand Management BMW

BMW - Connected Drive

We reached the 4 radio stations’ audience of over 4 million people, as well as reaching over 480 000 people on social media registering an average ctr of 4.4% and posting 7210 total engagements. All... in 4 days.”

Tracey Cownley, Brand Management BMW

Karan Beef

Karan Beef would like to thank 947 for the excellent Campaign they put together. We are very happy with the outcome and have received positive feedback all round from Customers and members of the public. The creative around the campaign and thought processes that came together produced an outstanding result. It was exciting listening to the Competition moments and how the listeners engaged in the weeks of the Campaign. The whole team at 947 and Chef Victor did our name proud

Clayron Howard - Twins Media

Bid or Buy

We thought the campaign was great - we did see a spike in traffic that week and overall July was a great month - so hopefully some of this came from this campaign :)


Coca Cola

Dear Mpumi Just a quick note to say thank you so much for hosting me in Cape Town. It was a lovely opportunity to see what you guys do on the ground and was great chatting to some of your (and our) avid fans. Well done on an awesome activation.

Donnay Carter - Coca Cola

We Buy Cars

Our research data shows that our campaign is very effective, and thus we have now become a loyal client, and we intend on advertising even more.

We are delighted with our radio advertsing success, and we intend on building on that and moving forward aggressively as we go along

Dirk van der Walt - Micra Motors

Molly & Mason

a HUGE thank you for featuring us on your Fabulous Finds slot.

The response from your listeners was amazing .... at least 500 ..(have) been to visit our shop… this was a huge boost for our business… thank you so much to you and Cape Talk

Molly & Mason Team


There is a very strong relationship and level of trust that has formed over many years between Primedia and Tiletoria. They understand our needs, and we believe that their stations, KFM, Cape Talk and Highveld reach the audience we want to talk to. When we are not advertising on the radio we certainly can feel it’

Patrick Thonissen (MD), Tiletoria

Imperial Cars - Car Seats for Kids

As a leader in the logistics industry locally, road safety forms a core pillar to our business. Therefore, as a responsible corporate citizen, we believe that it is critical that we protect the most important ‘cargo’ – our children – and as such, we launched and spearheaded the Car Seats for Kids Campaign with 947 from 2012 – 2014.

The campaign was aimed at not only educating parents and children around the importance of wearing a safety belt, but was also aimed at driving people to contribute towards this viable cause, by donating their used car seats that they no longer needed – to provide less privileged children with the gift of safety.

947 formed an integral part of this campaign as they were our support arm in ensuring we delivered the right message and gained solid interest and engagement from their listener community. Given the strong campaign that was put together in this regard, and 947’s commitment to meeting the targets we had set for ourselves, the campaign was a resounding success with the collection and redistribution of almost 6 000 car seats.

947 has a team of professionals that understand what their audience wants to hear and what makes them tick, as well as has the avid ability to map this to a brand’s specific campaign objectives which, year-on-year, resulted in not only a strong awareness campaign and donation drive, but also a resonance with the right audience around the importance of buckling up and road safety – which was an ultimate objective met.

Niki Cronje, Group Marketing at Imperial


Our sales growth on a Monday increased significantly due to the special and variousforms of advertsing we ran over June and I’m certain that the 947 and KFM radio campaign contributed to large scale awareness and growth across the board

Cara Birkett – Marketing Manager Col’cacchio

Dischem - Brain of 702 and CapeTalk

From us at Dis-Chem Pharmacies, thank you for an awesome sounding & executed Dis-Chem Brain of 702/CapeTalk. You’ve successfully delivered against your promise, to inject energy and edge to this well-loved Challenge on your stations.

We are pleased that we went on this journey with you to improve the true ownership of the name & logo, preparation of the presenters, creation of the right type of buzz on Social Media, the fresh websites, well planned OBs and everything culminating into a well execute on-air show.

We would like to thank you and the staff of Primedia on a job well done across the 2 radio stations. Please pass this onto all involved and we look forward to the next one.

Thank you so much.

Janey Pillay e-commerce Manager

Discovery - Uber

A big thank you to the Primedia team. You embraced this requested and shared our vision and even altered programming to make it happen. That’s what partnerships are made of.

Immaculata Segooa - Discovery

Vega School

Thank you once again to the full 947 Team for embracing this campaign whole heartedly with such enthusiasm and drive.

Nicky Stanley - National Marketing Navigator

Sage One - Small Business Awards

SMEs are the backbone of the South African economy, and at Sage, we celebrate small businesses all year long, working hard to help ensure their success.

Our seven-year partnership with 702/CapeTalk for the Small Business Awards has been the ideal vehicle to help SMEs live their dreams.

The goal of the competition is to give recognition to great small businesses that offer exceptional service, and provide them with the necessary exposure to help them grow, and inspire other entrepreneurs to follow in their footsteps.

The initiative delivers enormous value to the small business community; sponsoring it is great for our brand and our business because it allows us to show how we are championing entrepreneurship.

We are passionate about helping small businesses succeed and encouraging entrepreneurship, which is why the Small Business Awards have been one of our key annual marketing programmes.

It offers us a powerful way to tell our brand story and connect with our core audience.

Sage One

Cryo-Save - Awareness Week

It was not a sales campaign so we cannot measure off this, however we do feel the brand awareness has increased. We were lucky in that we were exhibiting at an Expo the following weekend – we found that the people we spoke to there were more educated than normal and actually knew what we were talking about. So on a whole we feel that the education of the general public has increased.”

Wendy Rehrl

Bundu Power

A lot more people come in and say I’ve heard you on the radio, and you’re the guy I want to go with…”

Nick Von Broemsen

Springbok Pharmacy

We like being associated with 702…because of the brand and type of listener

Kenny Baker - Partner