947 Week of the Wedding Dress

If they are not making listeners meet their favourite artists, local and international, they are helping people fulfil their dreams.

The 947 Breakfast Club always give Joburgers a chance to experience their massive dose of fun, authenticity and complementary personalities. The team, made up of host Anele Mdoda, Frankie du Toit, Cindy Poluta, Thembekile Mrototo and Alex Caige, recently ran a competition, which called on Joburgers to wear wedding dresses as they go about their day. It could be their normal routine like going to work, gym, school, running errands or something less mundane like going boxing as last year’s winner did.

The entry mechanic allowed for listeners to take image or videos and post them on social media using the #947Weddingdress.

“This competition proves that our listeners are risk takers and confident,” 947 Breakfast Club host, Anele Mdoda, said. “They were exceptionally creative when it came to the activities they engaged in and made sure they made it interesting and eye catching.”

And Thando Makhunga, 947 station manager, added: “It’s important for us to create opportunities for listeners to engage with the brand through amazing experiences. We have built a strong community of engaged audience who appreciate the unique, fun filled and creative promotions 947 has to offer. We ensure that we utilise multi-platform channels for interactive promotions and meaningful listener interaction.”

To get in the spirit of the competition the entire team wore wedding dresses to the outside broadcast announcement event. Miss South Africa, Tamryn Green, was the guest judge.

There were among 20 hopeful finalists, out of over 1 000 entries, the winner ultimately won the hearts of listeners when she went scuba diving in her wedding dress. She won a fully-paid holiday to Mauritius, courtesy of Flight Centre and Tasamassa Resort worth R100 000.

For more information, visit www.947.co.za.