Eyewitness News (EWN)

In an age of information overload, the proliferation of media platforms and the rise of fake news it is becoming increasingly difficult to discern the most relevant and credible information. EWN takes you there, getting to the heart of stories that impact us, both locally and internationally, with integrity.

EWN is driven by a passion for bold and provocative journalism, is fiercely independent and committed to uncovering the truth without fear or favour. EWN is always right there where the story breaks, courageously striving to dig deeper and empower listeners with the news they need to know.

EWN is known for innovation, scooping up numerous awards for pushing the boundaries to ensure that listeners have the news at their fingertips. Whether users connect with EWN through its WhatsApp service, on the web, the EWN app or social media, their digital experience is world-class.

EWN Gets You Inside the Truth.

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