Eyewitness News (EWN)


EWN is a fearless South African news brand known for breaking news and getting its audiences inside the truth. EWN brings audiences news that is credible, independent, layered and encourages both critical interpretation and participation. Pioneers in the digital space, EWN tells the stories across multiple platforms, delivering news that is both immediate and rich in context.

The Audience

The EWN audience are engaged and affluent, using multiple platforms to connect with the Brand. They utilize high-end technology and are avid social network engagers. Most use either a desktop or mobile phone to connect. There is a slight male skew with the majority of the audience falling within the 25 to 35 year old category. Source: Google Analytics, February 2016

EWN Inside the News Package

The EWN Inside the News Package includes a combination of on-air news sponsorship spots, generic spots and online banners on multiple platforms.

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