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Optimised Packages


Forever Young

Target Audience: (LSM 7-10 Age: 25-34)

This package targets a young 25-34 listener in environments tailored for their listening gratification. Click here for a breakdown of our Forever Young Package.


Perfectly Professional

Target Audience:
(Household Income R40 000+, Age: 40-60, Univ /Post grad)

Connect with high-earning business professionals every day, all day with our Perfectly Professional Package.


Main household Purchaser

Target Audience:
(Age 35+, working full / part time, married, widowed or divorced.)

Increase that retail footfall by pre-empting the weekend splurge and add a frequency build in a relaxed Sunday night high indexed space.



Target Audience:
(Household Income R40 000+)

If you need to target a discerning luxury purchase buyer then this multiple spot plan and channel choice provides the most cost efficient way of reaching this market.