JOHANNESBURG - Primedia Broadcasting’s first foray into the world of branded podcasting has netted the team a coveted award. The RMB Solutionist Thinking podcast series has been recognised by the Advertising Media Association of South Africa (Amasa) Awards 2019 with a “highly commended” award in the Best Branded Content Campaign category, focused on the innovative creation of intellectual property.

Now in their 5th year, the Amasa Awards recognise media work that demonstrates effectiveness, innovation, strategic thinking and executional excellence - all qualities that Primedia Broadcasting prides itself on. When RMB approached us to develop a campaign to help them land their brand positioning, ‘Solutionist Thinking’, we partnered with them to create something truly unique.

“RMB took a bold and brave step to adopt podcasting as a new way to communicate their brand positioning. This was new territory for both Primedia Broadcasting and RMB, but as we walked the path, we learned, adapted, optimised, and evolved,” says Digital Commercial Executive Deen Schroeder. “Without the trust from RMB, as well as the commitment from NoMenu (Media Agency) and Promise (Creative Agency), we would not have been able to create a campaign that has become the gold standard of branded content through podcasts.”

The custom podcasting market is growing in South Africa, and big brands including RMB are beginning to recognise the power of connecting with new audiences using this intimate, highly engaging platform, which drives powerful brand awareness and recall on brand messages.

RMB Solutionist Thinking recently concluded its second season, boasting 27 in-depth and entertaining conversations with some of South Africa’s most interesting thinkers. Schroeder believes it also delivered impressive brand equity to RMB: “The key insight that drove this entire podcast campaign is that a brand positioning is oftentimes intangible; our aim was to make it tangible, accessible and relatable. This was done through an exploration of what ‘Solutionist Thinking’ meant across disciplines – from bankers, to comedians, to social entrepreneurs and even aspiring Martians.”

To listen to the RMB Solutionist Thinking podcast series, click here - or to commission your own branded podcast, get in touch with us now.