RMB’s communication objective was to reposition their brand around Solutionist Thinking with an innovative campaign that engaged and resonated with Corporate Executives in South Africa.
A target market of very busy people meant that a traditional campaign would not be enough to grab their attention. RMB’s audience is very selective, and curates their own streams of media content. Their media attention is a private event – an invitation is required.


To be invited, we needed to show up with a guest who was on the list, look incredible, and then be the most interesting person at the reception. After this, many more invitations would come our way, along with the opportunity for more conversations.


Bruce Whitfield is always on the guestlist for our knowledgeable audience, with the editorial credibility of 702 and Cape Talk behind him. We decided to create a 27-part podcast series with him as the host, focusing on the content that would make us the most interesting person at the party – and also bring to life the new brand proposition – interviews with real-life, South African Solutionist Thinkers.


The campaign ran for 2 seasons, with over 75 000 downloads.

Although stats varied based on the person being interviewed, a minimum of 40% of listeners played more than 75% of the average episode, indicating a high level of engagement.

The second season saw an increase of 29% in subscribers compared to season one.
Apart from the depth of podcast engagement, the campaign included wide reach across radio, digital, social and outdoor, effectively using the content generated to demonstrate the essence of the positioning to a broader audience

•2 Seasons •27 Episodes •6.4 million social media impressions •43 000 website pageviews •1.1 million radio listeners reached

CATEGORY: FINANCIAL SERVICES OBJECTIVES: Launch Brand Positioning, Brand Awareness