Fourways Mall have finally finished their massive renovations and would like everyone to have a look at the new stores and beautiful structure. The client’s objectives were to drive footfall to the mall while battling the challenge of Lockdown/COVID.


To educate the listeners on the new Mall being officially open and finished with all of the new stores as well as to debunk any myths around inconveniences/building construction that used to occupy space.


947 celebrated Fourways Mall in a safe but fun way during this COVID time. To create excitement around the Mall and Anele & The Club, an interactive campaign was created to drive footfall and awareness.

947 wanted everyone to Join Anele and the Club by joining the gang and taking a selfie with them at Fourways Mall. Life sized caricatures of each team member were created to keep to the COVID social distancing rule, and placed throughout the mall. The 947 crew together with Fourways Mall hid 5 cardboard Cutouts of Anele & The Club in client designated areas (different stores) from the 12th Nov.- 21st Nov.

On the 9th Nov, the campaign launched with a crossing into the Breakfast show encouraging entrants to listen out for a clue to where the 947-Crew were hanging with the cut-outs in Fourways mall. The first three people who got down to the stores and took a selfie with them, won a Golden Ticket into the draw to win R50 000 Fourways Mall Vouchers. The 947 Crew also had various store vouchers to giveaway on the ground to selected entrants that they spotted.

Recorded promo’s and social media posts encouraged listeners to enter and drove footfall to Fourways Mall. The 947-crew crossed live into Anele & The Club’s show and The Weekend Breakfast with Hulisani to provide on the ground feedback, create excitement, mention how many Golden tickets are left and encourage listeners to find them. Clues were provided throughout the day on where the crew were stationed at those specific moments in time.

On the 23rd Nov, Anele & The Club performed the grand prize draw on-air and awarded the lucky winner with R50,000.00 in Fourways Mall Vouchers.

THE RESULTS This campaign was very effective reaching more than 793 847 listeners (All adults). 763,923 listeners in Age 18+ were reached which is 2.0% of this market. The advertisement was heard at least 8 times by a listener who is in Age 18+.

• 257 169 Total Facebook Reach • 13 982 Total Twitter engagement • 8 967 Total Instagram video views • 1 397 Unique Page Views


OBJECTIVES: Create brand awareness| Educate listeners on new stores| Drive footfall to the Mall| create association between Anele and the Club and Fourways Mall.