Hippo has taken initiative to help a small seamstress business in Cape Town by commissioning them to make these limited-edition Hippo toys. “This project is part of a much bigger brand purpose for,” says CEO Bradley Du Chenne. “We want to encourage good decision making, and ultimately this translates to empowering people to take charge of their lives, improving not only their financial standing but also themselves. The project allows us to do that, not only for consumers, but also for small businesses and the seamstresses who have been impacted by COVID-19. This is not just a passion project for us. Empowering others is part of our brand ethos.”

947, Kfm 94.5, CapeTalk and 702 got involved with this amazing drive of ‘doing good’ in the community by awarding the little unsung heroes in the shadows.

This campaign created awareness around the Hippo toy and the Hippo brand initiative (seamstress story), as well as awarded a few individuals who have been pushing through COVID without any thought or praise.


To educate the listeners on Hippo’s new initiative and product as well as create a caring/ Feel-good characteristic to the brand.


PHASE 1: CONTENT AWARNESS During this phase, all 4 stations launched with a powerspot providing context to the seamstress stories and the Hippo Initiative. This moment was packaged up as recap donuts containing Hippo branding (call to action/quote) to flight throughout the next day creating awareness of this inspiring initiative.

This section of the campaign created awareness around the Hippo brand, the Hippo toy and the Seamstress story, creating a heartwarming feeling around the Hippo brand in phase 1 will set the tone for phase 2.

PHASE 2: LITTLE HIPPO HEROES All 4 stations wanted to get involved with Hippo in giving back to the community by honoring the little unsung Hippo heroes who, despite the COVID fatigue, have kept going strong and have helped out where they can.

Every day, from Monday to Friday, the teams called a randomly selected adult who registered and brought them to air to give their shout out to their Little Hippo Hero. Each person was awarded with a limited-edition Hippo toy and R2,000.00 cash for their hero as a token of gratitude.

THE RESULTS This campaign reached 2 275 000 total number of listeners (All adults). 391 000 listeners in aged 25-49 with household income R20 000+ per month were reached. which is 14.3% of this market. Advertisements were heard at least 6.94 times by a listener in this target market.

• 177 771 Total 947 Facebook Impressions & 5 077 Total 947 engagement • 52 773 Total 947 Twitter Impressions & 447 Total 947 engagement • 1 331 Unique Page Views • 146 Article Views • 434 Total Unique Entries • 273 Total Opt-in’s

• 213 884 Total 702 Facebook Impressions & 3 466 Total 702 engagement • 26 681 Total 702 Twitter Impressions & 241 Total 702 engagement • 1 527 Unique Page Views • 125 Article Views • 233 Total Unique Entries • 166 Total Opt-in’s

• 261 212 Total Kfm 94.5 Facebook Impressions & 4 852 Total Kfm 94.5 engagement • 14 692 Total Kfm 94.5 Twitter Impressions & 460 Total Kfm 94.5 engagement • 1 862 Unique Page Views • 232 Article views • 478 Total Unique Entries • 318 Total Opt-in’s

• 204 020 Total CapeTalk Facebook Impressions & 3 189 Total CapeTalk engagement • 20 790 Total CapeTalk Twitter Impressions & 215 Total CapeTalk engagement • 1 172 Unique Page Views • 121 Article Views • 83 Total Unique Entries • 67 Total Opt-in’s

CATEGORY: Insurance OBJECTIVES: Create brand awareness| Create Product Awareness| Create awareness around their CSI initiative| Create Association between all PRIMEDIA Stations and the brand| Create a Warm/Caring/Trusting/Feel-good characteristic around the brand